5. Dracula

Dracula While not the first novel I ever read, I consider Bram Stoker’s Dracula to be the first “grown-up” novel I ever read. Most, if not all, of the novels I’d read before Dracula were from the children’s or young adults sections of the library.

Dracula was from the adult section of the library. It was also a thick book with a more involved storyline than I’d encountered before.

I do remember quite a bit about the novel — things that were not in the movies. Like when Jonathan Harker shaves and cuts himself at Count Dracula’s castle. I also vividly remember the scene where the captain of the ship on which Count Dracula sails to England is found lashed to the ship’s wheel. I can picture Van Helsing and Mina and Lucy and Renfield as I imagined them.

The reason for my interest in this book, no doubt, is my love of Dark Shadows — which was probably my generation’s Twilight, even though it was a soap opera instead of a book series. That I read classic literature, willingly and without prompt at age 13 kinda amazes me today, though, no matter what the reason.

I wonder how many, if any, fans of the Twilight series have checked out the original vampire  story — Dracula. It would be interesting to find out.

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