2. Billy Brown the Babysitter

Billy Brown: The Babysitter I remember the very first book I ever read. I remember the day I read it and I remember the feeling of surprise that I was reading.

The book was a “Wonder Book Easy Reader” and part of a series of “Billy Brown” books. I never read any of the other Billy Brown books, but did read Billy Brown the Babysitter over and over. It was written by Tamara Kitt and illustrated by Rosalind Welcher (who, according to Wikipedia, was one of the pioneer Studio Card artists).

My parents may have made mistakes in raising me — all parents do — but one thing they did right was encouraging reading and providing me with a lot of reading material. Neither of my parents were readers, at least as far as I could tell when I lived at home. My mom has since become an avid reader, but I do not remember her reading for pleasure when I was a child — although she did read self-help books when I was in my teens.

I don’t remember the storyline of Billy Brown the Babysitter, but it was probably about the misadventures of a couple of kids while looking after a baby — perhaps their younger sibling, if the cover is to be believed.

That book began for me a love-affair with the written word and while any easy reader book might have been the first book I read, it happened to be this one by Tamara Kitt.

Thanks Ms Kitt, where ever you are. You helped start my life-long passion for reading.

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